Employee reviews function as an important part of most businesses plan to track employee engagement and performance. However, many times this vital process becomes more of a “check the box” assignment rather than a powerful insight into how the company’s workforce is performing. In addition, the thought of employee reviews can carry a lot of questions and anxiety, not only for the employee receiving the review, but also for the manager conducting it. The good news is, employee reviews don’t have to be such a daunting and ineffective process. There are many ways to increase the efficiency of employee performance reviews while simultaneously decreasing the anxiety that often accompanies them.

John Boitnott, in an article for Entrepreneur highlights 4 simple changes that can be made to lead to a more effective employee review:

Hold Reviews More Often

Let’s face it, a lot can happen over the course of a year, and sometimes remembering even major events, let alone small details, can be challenging after so much time has passed. So why is it that most reviews are held annually? Can companies really have an effective employee review conversation once a year? In most cases, the answer is no. A more frequent approach to conducting employee reviews can have many benefits, including:

· Shorter amounts of time needed for the review since conversations are happening more frequently

· Open dialog about current projects, struggles, and an opportunity for more “coachable” moments

· Stronger relationships between managers and their employees

Make Your Check-Ins Regular

Interactions between managers and employees don’t only have to happen during a performance review. When managers check-in with their employees more frequently, employees tend to be less intimidated by them, especially if the interactions are conducted in a friendly manner. Employees are more likely to be productive if they know they have a manager that cares about their success and the success of the business. The goal of having regular check-ins should be to have more meaningful conversations around coaching items, project metrics, and providing employees a chance to improve their work before their actual reviews.

Adjust Your Approach

Boitnott suggests that it isn’t only about changing the frequency of your reviews either. Sometimes changing the approach can help too. “Try and see yourself as more of a coach and less of an evaluator; your goal is to help poor performers do better work, rather than pointing out shortcomings or only delivering negative feedback” (Boitnott). Peer feedback can also be a helpful approach, because in some situations team members interact with one another more than their supervisor.

Provide Real-Time Feedback

Giving employees in-the-moment feedback on areas they are doing well in and areas they can improve can significantly enhance employee engagement. By providing employees with real-time feedback, you are letting them know they are seen and giving them opportunities to be coached and improve.

Here at Performance Scoring, we have built our application on real-time feedback and having frequent coaching conversations based on measurable data from both management and peers. One thing our founder loves to say is “We exist to meet people in the moment.” Making changes on how you facilitate your employee reviews can have a big impact on your business. Partner with Performance Scoring today and let us not only give you the tool that incorporates all these suggested changes, and help coach you through having more meaningful conversations and a more engaged workforce.

Boitnott, John. “These Simple Changes to Your Performance Reviews Will Make More Effective Employees.” Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur, 27 Nov. 2020, https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/359711.

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