Growing up did you ever receive consequences for not taking responsibility? Ever experience being grounded or having a favorite toy thrown out because of it? That my friends is what happens when we are held accountable to what we’ve said we would do and fail to action it to completion.  

Accountability is something we believe all people need but are you strong enough to hold others accountable when the circumstances are less then desirable? 

 CEO, Anthony Piccolo has created an internal application called Performance Scoring that works as a virtual accountability system. Whether you are trying to hold a sales team accountable for not just hitting targets but working collaboratively as a team or after this software does just that.  

According to author and transformational leader Anne Loehr, 93 percent of employees don’t even understand what their organization is trying to accomplish. So how are they supposed to align themselves with a goal?  Additionally, 85 percent of leaders aren’t defining objectives for their employees. 84 percent describe themselves as “trying but failing” or “avoiding” accountability, even when employees know what to fix.  

These figures are troubling for any leader to read but instead of focusing on this problem Performance Scoring is doing something about it. The Performance Scoring application is coming along side C-Suite teams, management teams, and really all employees within a company. We are here to build, shape, and give tangible objectives, as well as tap into people’s ambitions and motivators.  

Why exactly should we care about accountability? Well here’s a few reasons.  

  1. It bolsters your company’s culture. 
  1. It improves your employees’ individual performance
  1. Accountability results in stronger adherence to compliance 
  1. Accountability is good for your bottom line 

Imagine your company with 85-90 percent engagement rateThis means higher retention rates, less time spent on training, and promoting from within. Who wouldn’t want this!  

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