Performance Scoring Benefits

Experience the benefits of unlocking effective performance management with Performance Scoring – the most versatile custom Performance Management Application framework and employee engagement platform available. Performance Scoring propels performance at every level of an organization, reflected and felt in overall organizational culture. Built to raise performance of every employee, manager, vendor, partner, and more.

Grow Performance

Performance Scoring gives you an objective set of tools to invest in people and employees, growing their performance as well as the company’s overall success. Have confidence in the knowledge, through objective data, of the precise areas where your workforce needs improvement, empowering the organization to proactively strategize and realize desired outcomes. 

Grasp a Sharper Understanding of Individuals, Teams and Company Performance

Objective and real-time data directs users to the areas where they themselves or their employees are performing high and the areas they are performing below their standard. This data directs management to take action based on what is objectively occurring, without second guessing or relying on recency bias. Performance Scoring aggregates and analyzes performance data for every user, relative to their position, who they manage, to each department, and over the organization as a whole.

Culture Built on Accountability By Greater Employee Engagement

Engagement through Performance Scoring creates consensus knowledge of performance data aggregated and analyzed by Performance Scoring. Employees know what management will be looking to improve upon before meetings and will self-correct and self-coach those respective areas prior to meetings, which makes managing up second nature.

Performance Scoring Benefits

Experience Effective Performance Management.

Employee appreciation & development

Employees know that they will be recognized for their hard work with Performance Scoring. With better employee engagement, training is informed from performance data, develop and promote from within.

Tailored & adaptable to your company

Our application matches your company structure and changes with your company. Performance Scoring is not a one-size-fits-all performance management tool that will grow and mold as your company does.

Informed meeting & consensus knowledge

Meetings are more concise due to Performance Scoring’s objective data. Continuous performance management  identifies the areas that need to be addressed within the company, you just need to find ways to improve them.

Relative Scoring

Track and monitor performance relative to peers to understand the top, medium, and bottom performers within each critical category to increase performance.

Communicate effectively

Push notifications, usage reports and exportable data ensure more informed and better received communication among peers and from management to their teams.

Ownership & confidence in performance

Employees take ownership of their role and performance, finding pride and empowerment to personally address their performance.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Want to hear from some of our clients? We picked a few of our favorite performance management application users. They love Performance Scoring, and so will you.

This has been the best investment my company has made. It almost single handily increased our margins and our bottom line. The best part about the growth we have seen, is that our employees have come to love it, and management doesn’t know how they managed performance before.

Brandon M

Human Resources Director, US Claims Solutions

The Performance Scoring Application made an incredibly positive impact in our business and employees. Employee productivity has skyrocketed, failures plummeted, and morale is sky high. Thank you Performance Scoring.

Chris A

CEO , Morgan Phillips

If you want to kick start growth in your business and it’s people, join Performance Scoring. The Observer Effect is in full force here, within weeks we started to notice dramatic changes, best of all our Employees have come to rely on Performance Scoring for themselves, their teams, and those they manage.

Matthew M

President, M Construction

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