The company Reports To function allows the Performance Scoring application to mirror the hierarchy and organizational chart of any company. 

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To use the company’s Reports To function in Performance Scoring; first login to your company’s Performance Scoring application. Once logged in, see the menu on the left side of the screen. Next click “Manage” and a dropdown menu will appear. Then select “ScoreBoard” for numerical scores or “FactorBoard” for entries. 

To filter down the ScoreBoard or FactorBoard see the “ReportTo” dropdown at the top of page. Likewise, select the dropdown and search by employee name. Select the desired name to filter down the ScoreBoard or FactorBoard view to the specific employee and all employees that report to them. Finally, to edit or update this function change the “Reports To” field in the “My Profile” tab. 

For additional support please contact your Account Manager or email

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