Feedback is an essential part of the performance management process. It helps employees understand how they are performing and provides managers with valuable insights into employee performance. Traditionally, feedback was given through email or word of mouth, but today, organizations are increasingly turning to Performance Scoring’s products, Etho and LoopSpire, for more effective and efficient feedback delivery. In this article, we will explore five ways that feedback using Performance Scoring’s products is better than using email or word of mouth.

  1. Structured Feedback Process: Performance Scoring’s products provide a structured feedback process that ensures consistent and fair feedback delivery. Etho and LoopSpire both have customizable feedback templates that help guide the feedback process, ensuring that all relevant areas are covered.
  2. Real-time Feedback: Performance Scoring’s products provide real-time feedback that allows employees to receive feedback in the moment. Unlike email or word of mouth, feedback using Etho and LoopSpire is immediate and actionable, enabling employees to make necessary improvements quickly.
  3. Anonymous Feedback: Performance Scoring’s products allow for anonymous feedback, which can encourage more honest and open feedback. In a traditional email or word-of-mouth feedback system, employees may be hesitant to provide honest feedback for fear of retribution. With Etho and LoopSpire, employees can provide feedback without fear of consequences, ensuring that feedback is both honest and helpful.
  4. Easy Tracking and Reporting: Performance Scoring’s products provide easy tracking and reporting of feedback. Etho and LoopSpire enable managers to view feedback at a glance and monitor feedback trends over time. This helps managers identify areas where employees need improvement and develop strategies for addressing these areas.
  5. Collaborative Feedback: Performance Scoring’s products enable collaborative feedback, where multiple people can provide feedback on an employee’s performance. This enables a more comprehensive feedback process and ensures that all relevant stakeholders have the opportunity to provide input.

In conclusion, feedback using Performance Scoring’s products, Etho and LoopSpire, is a better way to provide feedback than using email or word of mouth. With a structured feedback process, real-time feedback, anonymous feedback, easy tracking and reporting, and collaborative feedback, Etho and LoopSpire provide a comprehensive and efficient feedback system. Organizations can benefit from using Performance Scoring’s products to improve their feedback delivery and ultimately drive better employee performance.

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