With so many changes going on in the world around us, organizations are taking the opportunity to grow and change. Organizations are realizing the need to emphasize their employee’s engagement and ensure business success. Daniel Newman, in an article for Forbes, reminds us that “a lack of engagement could cost American companies up to $550 billion per year in things like increased turnover, and lack of employee productivity” (Newman). Lack of employee engagement presents a huge obstacle for any company and is something that all businesses should be aware of. Knowing that you need an engaged workforce and knowing that you have an engaged workforce, however, are two separate things.

In Daniel Newman’s article for Forbes, he highlights three concepts to help facilitate higher employee engagement.

Accept A Changing Work Environment

The first point Newman touches on is the need for employers to accept that the environment we work in is changing and employees want to be able to decide where they work. This could be in-office, at-home, or a hybrid of both. A recent survey from Prudential showed that “87% of employees who have worked remotely during the pandemic would prefer to continue doing so.” It was proven during the pandemic that employees could not only do their job remotely but could thrive and exceed expectations. Organizations must accept the reality that many of their employees would rather work in their “zoom attire” from the comfort of their living room than share a cramped, noisy, and distracting office. With so many other companies offering remote and hybrid work environments, it could be a detriment to an organization’s workforce if they choose not to embrace this.

Empower Your Employees

Empowerment equals engagement. From an employee standpoint there needs to be a buy-in to your company. Without a form of ownership in something, it is easier for employees to become disengaged. Make sure your employees are at the forefront of implementation and empower them to measure what matters to them in their role. “Engagement is all about employee empowerment—helping employees not just be satisfied in their work but feeling like a valued member of the team” (Newman). Employees become disengaged because they aren’t being challenged, don’t feel heard, and/or do not know what goals they need to achieve.

Start Right Away

There are likely many changes already occurring in your organization, but focusing on having an engaged workforce shouldn’t be pushed aside for another time. Employees are the people who run your company and keep you in business; their engagement is critical to your company’s survival and growth. Improving an employee’s commitment to your business will lead to greater return. So, commit to your employees today and empower them with tools that will increase their engagement.

Performance Scoring strives to be the employee engagement tool that organizations depend on to raise engagement and performance. We equip every level of an organization with performance engagement tools specific to their role and the actionable analytics necessary to help them achieve their goals. Employee engagement is our top priority, and our performance management application is built around the concept that happy, engaged employees cause business to excel. Commit to your organization today and contact us to see how we can help.

Newman, Daniel. “The New Future Of Work Requires Greater Focus On Employee Engagement.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 21 June 2021, www.forbes.com/sites/danielnewman/2021/06/21/the-new-future-of-work-requires-greater-focus-on-employee-engagement/.

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