A Performance Scoring Review of- U.S. News Article: How to Master Performance Reviews by Rebecca Koenig

A common knowledge is circulating that the traditional system of performance management is ineffective in today’s workforce. In “How to Master Performance Reviews” Rebecca Koenig begins with this acknowledgement and then offers different processes as solutions. Koenig’s initial takeaway is that employees “tend to be happier with continuous performance review systems” that are more conversational. Likewise, regardless of the performance review process the first step is “finding out how exactly you will be evaluated.” The factor system of Performance Scoring provides a resolution to this step in the form of objective measurables.

Koenig begins by looking at the process of annual reviews which access “an entire year’s worth of labor in one snapshot” or instance. Furthermore, these reviews rely largely on qualitative metrics which by definition are subjective in nature. Koenig mentions the other mainstream annual review as the ranking system of General Electric that ranks employees by based performance. The obvious drawback to this system is that most employees have the label of “average” in this system. As a result, Koenig recommends that employees “document their successes as they occur,” leading to the next process of continuous conversation.

Continuous Conversation

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Continuous reviews “emphasize coaching” and allow “managers and employers to tinker with goals and adjust strategies more often,” writes Koenig. The primary aspect of continuous conversation is measuring “workers’ progress in achieving incremental, individualized goals” to maximize employee development. Similarly, the design of Performance Scoring is such that it promotes continuous reviews that are coaching in nature. The individual ScoreCards of Performance Scoring empower employees to focus on the individual goals that Koenig finds essential to performance management.

The final topic of Koenig’s article relies on feedback and adaptation of the performance management process to truly maximize effectiveness. Performance management should be an open forum where “workers bear some responsibility for managing their own careers,” Koenig writes. If the feedback that management is providing does not create a desire and drive for success, then change is necessary. The customization of Performance Scoring makes it the only performance management tool able to evolve with any business at any time in its life-cycle. Koenig’s theme in mastering performance reviews is to constantly adapt performance management to meet the needs of an ever-evolving workforce; this theme is also the backbone of Performance Scoring.

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