Performance Scoring for Management


The company performance management application develops a company culture built on employee engagement and employee appreciation. This management tool objectively lets you manage your employees based on real-time data that is driving success or inhibiting it. Stop using subjective performance reviews, empower your managers with the objective data to effectively manage employee performance. 

Performance Scoring Responsive Application

Management Made Easy

Performance Management has never been easier for Managers. With the Performance Management Application, Performance Scoring, continuously coach your team so you can build a higher performing culture; one of accountability, responsibility, and success.

Dynamic Performance Org Chart

With Dynamic Org Charts, hierarchical by nature, view your individual teams performance, and their team performance. Access to the entries that lead to their scores are only a click away; real-time date within seconds.

Real-Time Employee Scoring

Almost instant, employee scoring has never been quicker. Factor focused, with each factor created and valued by you, specific to your roles and company. Measure what matters, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Powerful Analytics

With the most powerful, and intuitive performance analytics available, Performance Scoring is built from the ground up to provide on the performance analytic tools you and your employees need.

Management Benefits

Coach more specifically to the areas in which performance has dictated, and give an honest and objective place in which to manage from. Engage your employees, in shorter intervals that are more directed, better received, and more effective with Performance Scoring. Use the data collected to drive organizational and team meetings.

Increase Team Performance

Through greater performance engagement, you can have targeted training based on areas of low performance.

Real-Time Data

Real-time feedback means engagement is everyday, all day. Objectively know how your employees are performing.

Consensus Knowledge

With continuous objective data being entered and viewed, users understand their individual performance, their team performance, and receive a full understanding of company performance across all roles.

Focused Employee Development

Knowing which factors are leading to an employee’s success and those that are inhibiting it, means you can coach and train to the specific areas of need. Manage what matters to you. 


Proactive Strategizing

Generated Performance Scoring data empowers you with powerful tools to make strategic informed company improvement plans.

Continuous Coaching

Real-time data means real-time coaching. Areas where users are struggling can be pinpointed and addressed constantly.

Performance Scoring Responsive Application

Management Features

Building a great team means having the tools to build great teams. With Performance Scoring, our tools are designed specifically for you, all created to do what you love to do – make people better, increase employee production, while building a strong company culture.

Dynamic Org Chart

Built with a Dyanmic Org Chart, instantly see your company score, your team score, and your score, built to only show those that report to you, and their information. Mangers can see their team’s score, as well as each individual below in their chain.

Employee Drill Down Charts

Powerful dynamic drill down charts for everyone, from employee to manager, all the way to the top. Drill into each ScoreCard Category by any date range and find the top, median, and bottom performers, along with all the factors that dictated their placement.


Designed for every type of role, tabling only the specific data in which you and those that report to you are scored or score in, by ScoreCard Category. Identify areas of high and low performance for each employee instantly. 

Usage Reports

Detailed Usage Reports allows for a better understanding to user usage. See how users are participating and valuing performance management. From how many times they logged in during a specific time period, to how many times they score. 

Exportable Data

Data from the Performance Scoring application can be exported and distributed throughout the company. Driving intuitive thought before meetings. Giving you a yet another tool to reference during meetings. 


View each Factor scored to each user, from individuals, teams, all users that report to an individual. Objectively understand each entry that led to their performance score over any time period you choose.

"Everyone preaches culture, Performance Scoring is the only thing we've ever used that developed it naturally."

– John S.

Management FAQs

How do companies get their employees to engage in the application?

It starts with management emphasizing Performance Scoring is a development tool for them to take ownership of their performance and not for blame. Having a rewards system to help with the implementation process doesn’t hurt as well.  

How Long is the onboarding process?

 The entire process takes on average about 7-10 business days but is mainly dependent on how fast the up-front company information can be obtained. Have a few Factors in mind? Then the process has already begun. 

How does Performance Scoring increase employee engagement?

Employees’ engagement increases with Performance Scoring through empowering employees to take ownership of their performance. They can view their score and address their need for additional training to their managers instead of waiting for management to bring it up. With the use of Push Notifications, employees have no excuse to not be engaged in their performance. 

Does Performance Scoring replace annual performance reviews?

Not necessarily, as an annual review does provide value when done effectively. Performance Scoring will  inform annual performance reviews by giving the company access to objective performance data throughout the year.

Do employees score their managers and executives in the application?

 Yes, but this is a controlled permission within the application that is decided by the company. Each user can be a scored user or a non-scored user.

How often are scores shared with employees?

Employees have access to their scores at anytime just by logging into the application. To ensure employees are viewing their score, email notifications are available for any time period you set.

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