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A Review of “How to Master Performance Reviews”

A Performance Scoring Review of- U.S. News Article: How to Master Performance Reviews by Rebecca Koenig A common knowledge is circulating that the traditional system of performance management is ineffective in today’s workforce. In “How to Master Performance Reviews”...

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“5 Simple Steps to a High-Performance Company” Reviewed

“5 Simple Steps to a High-Performance Company” by Brent Tilson in ForbesReviewed Momentum is gathering as organizations realize that even the slightest emphasis on effective performance management garners a large return. The theme of entrepreneur Brent Tilson’s...

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“Why We Fail at Grading Our Workers” Reviewed

“Why We Fail at Grading Our Workers” By Vivien Shiao, The Business Times In “Why We Fail at Grading Our Workers” for The Business Times Vivien Shiao discusses why performance management processes from decades ago are now ineffective. Shiao begins by mentioning that...

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“You Are What You Measure” Reviewed

Harvard Business Review “You Are What You Measure” by Dan Ariely The theme of Dan Ariely’s Column “You Are What You Measure” for Harvard Business Review is that “human beings adjust behavior based on the metrics they’re held against.” Ariely is taking a business...

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