Performance Management Workshops

Performance management is a broad term with many different characteristics – employee engagement, continuous coaching, performance reviews, etc., where do you start? The truth about performance management is that it’s all connected and getting started is the easiest part. Performance Scoring offers various performance management workshops to look at one aspect of performance management, or look at all of them. Choose from our workshop listing below and submit your information to schedule a workshop at your convenience.

2020 Workshops Attended

Setting Goals

This workshop will walk through the entire process of goal setting beginning with identifying, through the execution of those goals. Participants will learn how to develop the process so that they can share with the entire management team. Special focus will be given on the measurement and communication needed to ensure accountability and transparency of the execution towards goals. Setting and acheiving goals will be more efficient and lead to greater successes throughout your company after this workshop.

Length: 1 hour


Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has long been a hot topic, and for good reason – businesses that prioritize employee engagement simply outperformance those with low employee engagement. This workshop will teach participants that engaging your people is a simple process, with the hardest part being getting started. Participates will learn the skills and steps needed to have employee engagement as a fundamental aspect of company culture. An engaged and motivated workforce is a win-win for all parties, and this workshop is the first step to a more healthy company culture and increased success all around.

Length: 1 hour

Continuous Coaching

Management through coaching is the most effective way to drive employee development and create professional relationships founded upon mutual respect. The relationship between supervisor and employee is unique, and this workshop will teach participants the framework of continuous coaching to allow each supervisor the ability to make it their own. Register for this workshop to grow your own management skills, or learn the framework for continuous coaching to transition other manager into this style.

Length: 1 hour

Mastering Performance Reviews

Traditional performance reviews have become ineffective and are done more for compliance than to drive business solutions. Understanding the content of performance reviews, how they measure performance (subjective and one-size-fits-all) and the impact they have on employees are all important factors to mastering the review process. Participants of this workshop will learn how to make performance reviews an effective benchmark for employee development and an objective recognition of employee performance.

Length: 1 hour

Performance Improvement Planning

Performance improvement planning focuses on the engagement and development of employees. To effectively improve performance a framework must be established that first acknowledges and defines the areas of desired improvement, why the improvement in necessary, the coaching that will be given to attain improvement, and how improvement will be measured. Participants of this workshop will learn how to make develop, implement and measure performance improvement plans from start to finish to achieve effective development of employees.

Length: 1 hour

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