Knowing what is expected of you in your job is important, but it is equally important that the goals being set are realistic and still challenging. The workplace has changed more than ever due to the pandemic, and many employees find themselves experiencing higher stress levels as they try to adjust to new workplace rhythms. Employers can help aid in relieving employee stress by engaging with them more, giving clear work objectives, and creating a respectful level of transparency. In Brian O’Connell’s article “6 Tips on Setting Expectations for Employees”, he lays out a good framework for how managers can set expectations.

The six tips O’Connell suggests in this article are:

  • Emphasize Objectives
  • Set Expectations Early
  • Make Employees Accountable
  • Give Meaningful Feedback
  • Leverage Motivation
  • Make it Measurable

Performance Scoring is designed to be a tool for companies to track and measure all of these things and more. We want employees to be heard, managers to coach, and executives to lead to the best of their abilities with data-backed information. Our application allows for objectives to be set and measured, employee feedback to be given in real-time, and reviews to be given at the frequency companies choose. This leads to a host of benefits including stronger managerial coaching, higher job satisfaction for employees, and higher overall productivity.  Our goal is to meet people in the moment and empower every user to take control of their performance. Contact us today and let us help you grow your workforce, and in so doing, also grow your bottom line.


O’Connell, Brian. “6 Tips on Setting Expectations for Employees.” SHRM, SHRM, 8 Dec. 2020,

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