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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the onboarding process?

The entire process takes on average about 7-10 business days but is mainly dependent on how fast the up-front company information can be obtained. Have a few factors in mind? Then the process has already begun. 

Can we ensure our employees are using the application?

Yes, you can ensure employees are using the application. You view the Usage Report and see how many times each employee has logged into the application and also how many scores they have entered. Another tool to make sure employees are viewing their scores is the applications email push notifications, which are available for any time period you set.

How often are scores shared with employees?

Employees have access to their scores at anytime just by logging into the application. To ensure employees are viewing their score, email push notifications are available for any time period you set.

Do we have to pay for maintenance/retention?

Not with our supported version, the Performance Scoring team will ensure your application is running smoothly and will keep you up to date on all of our newest updates.

Do employees score their managers and executives in the application?

Yes, but this is a controlled permission within the application that is decided by the company. Each user can be a scored user or a non-scored user.

How does Performance Scoring increase employee engagement?

Employees’ engagement increases with Performance Scoring through empowering employees to take ownership of their performance. They can view their score and address their need for additional training to their managers instead of waiting for management to bring it up. With the use of Push Notifications, employees have no excuse to not be engaged in their performance. 

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