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Performance Scoring is the ultimate tool for the 2019 – 2020 school year and beyond.

Unlock the Data with Continuous Feedback

Our performance management system measures all areas of a school’s operation – Classroom Management, Teacher Assessment & Evaluations, Student Behavioral Management, Vendor & Supplier Management, Etc.

Measure and Manage Operations

High-performance companies have been maintaining excellence with

PerPerformance Scoring Benefits

Performance Scoring Benefits

The benefits to using Performance Scoring are unexperienced and unique to effective performance management that companies are void of, and they start today.

Increased Employee Performance and Productivity

Effective performance management will drive increased employee performance and productivity. Both short and long term performance improvements will be visible in the application, and felt throughout the company.

Company Culture Based on Employee Engagement

By implementing Performance Scoring you are making employee engagement a fundamental aspect of your company. Employees value this above all else and want continuous coaching from management in their development, it’s a win-win.

Effectively Manage Employees with Real-Time, Objective Data

Stop inadequately managing employees with subjectivity and bias, give your company the performance management tool that collects only objective data. Know objectively the areas of high performance and where improvements can be made for each department and each employee.

Factors - Measure What Matters

Performance Scores are determined by Factors, the objective measurables that you know lead to success in each company role.

Drill Down to Individual Employees Based on Performance

Instantly have access to the Performance Scores of the entire company, departments & teams, and individual employees. Data is exportable and will transform your meetings and increase success.

Usage Reports - Employee Engagement in Action

Make sure your company is utilizing and entering scores with the applications Usage Reports.

Strategize Proactively

With real-time, objective data your company now will strategize proactively based on the employee performance’s that are occurring. Instantly know the areas of high performance and those where coaching is needed, and have the ability to objectively track that development.

Employee Development in Real-Time

Access to data reflecting employee development is available in real-time. View the growth month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter, etc. to realize the development and performance increases occurring.

Ownership and Confidence of Performance

With each employee having access to their performance metrics they have ownership and confidence like never before. Employees know exactly what matters to management, and objectively how management views their performance.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Want to hear from some of our clients? We picked a few of our favorite performance management application users. They love Performance Scoring, and so will you.

This has been the best investment my company has made. It almost single handily increased our margins and our bottom line. The best part about the growth we have seen, is that our employees have come to love it, and management doesn’t know how they managed performance before.

Brandon M

Human Resources Director, US Claims Solutions

The Performance Scoring Application made an incredibly positive impact in our business and employees. Employee productivity has skyrocketed, failures plummeted, and morale is sky high. Thank you Performance Scoring.

Chris A

CEO, Morgan Phillips

If you want to kick start growth in your business and its people, join Performance Scoring. The Observer Effect is in full force here, within weeks we started to notice dramatic changes, best of all our Employees have come to rely on Performance Scoring for themselves, their teams, and those they manage.

Matthew M

President, M Construction

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