What are ScoreCard Categories?

Any area that an organization wants to measure is a ScoreCard Category. They can be departments, roles or a hybrization of both. Accounting, Operations, Purchasing, Sales, Service, Technicians are all ScoreCard Categories for existing customers. Performance Scoring’s Performance Management System will measure each ScoreCard Category, and give your company the objective data to manage it well. Experience greater successes and fewer failures through continuous feedback, employee engagement and organizational development with Performance Scoring.

Identifying ScoreCard Categories

The quickest way to identify a ScoreCard Category is to reflect on the past month at your company. Do this while thinking about where you are doing well and where you are facing challenges, both company-wide and within your department. Reflect on questions such as:

  • What were the main topics of our last meeting?
  • Is communication a strength at our company?
  • What do our customers care about, why have they partnered with us?

The answers to each of these questions are potential ScoreCard Categories. To identify additional ScoreCard Categories, view our guide on starting performance management. ScoreCard Categories may change over time, so don’t try and identify them all at once. Start with a few and let the process unfold naturally.

Continuous Feedback

Performance Scoring delivers continuous feedback on performance within ScoreCard Categories. Know in real-time the areas where performance is high, and the areas where coaching is needed and improvements can be made.

Performance Quantified

You determine the values and Performance Scoring will do the rest. With the relative scoring index, your organization will determine how scoring is quantified using Factor values based on relative importance.

Employee Development

Align employee development directly with company values and goals using ScoreCard Categories. Set the metrics around the values and goes for the company and measure employee development and growth around those custom metrics.

Measure and Manage

Evidence based management becomes more than a theory with Performance Scoring. Our system will generate objective data and analytics for each of the area of the business that you want measure, allowing management teams to manage from the data.


Successes and failures at each company role are determined by Factors. A group of Factors then make up a ScoreCard Category.


Controlled Visibility

Ensure that performance management is effective with controlled visibility into ScoreCard Categories.

Email Notifications

Performance data for ScoreCard Categories is automated via scheduled email notification for each company role.

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