Setting Goals During a Pandemic

Aug 10, 2020 | News

Performance Scoring Reviews “Performance Management During a Pandemic: Setting Goals Amid Constant Change”

It the Association for Talent Development article titled “Performance Management During a Pandemic: Setting Goals Amid Constant Change” on July 30th 2020, the authors ask the question, “how can companies set expectations with employees when business objectives are uncertain and the skills, competencies, and behaviors needed to meet those goals are constantly changing?” Performance Scoring is the answer, specifically its approach to evaluating the factors (objective measurables) that matter in the moment, determined by the organizational stakeholders, aggregated up to leadership to help them better align strategic objectives and goals, and engaging each individual in the workforce in the moment to help guide them and recognize their performance achievements.
While we all agree that “aligning business objectives during the COVID-10 pandemic is like trying to shoot a moving target,” we need a performance management platform that is designed from the ground up to help leaders align business objectives to what is going on the ground in the moment. With Performance Scoring’s crowdsourcing of factors in the moment by each employee and then identifying, analyzing, and communicating on those specific issues affecting the organization in the moment, directs leadership on how to better align their business objectives.
The Association of Talent Development notes that many organizations have delayed performance reviews until later in the year or rescheduled them for next year, and instead are prioritizing staff well-being. With Performance Scoring, these concepts are not mutually exclusive, in fact they are two sides of the same coin; by each employee evaluating the factors that are driving or inhibiting their or their employees success, and then the application engaging those users in the moment before failure manifests itself, the Performance Scoring Application is both prioritizing staff well-being through engagement and recognition, as well as being the basis and historical narrative of their individual performance review.
Finally, the article states, “as companies assess the disruption caused by the pandemic while mapping their reset strategies, they should also assess which human capital elements they should disrupt so that they align with their continuous change management processes.” At Performance Scoring we would note that one way to directly impact an organization is to start evaluating the things that matter for each of their employees and leaders, and then engage in the moment each of their people to empower them with the actionable information to help them better execute and perform. Disrupt the old model of high-stakes, low-frequency performance feedback and reviews, and instead engage people in the moment, provide a low-stakes high-frequency approach to performance engagement and see your organization’s people grow. Performance Scoring was designed for organizations that are dynamic, with changing people, strategies, environments, and economic conditions, it is both the answer and the solution to the post-COVID-19 business world.
Performance Management During a Pandemic: Setting Goals Amid Constant Change