Continuous Feedback with Performance Scoring

Continuous feedback is the ideal solution to meet the management needs of the modern workforce. Performance Scoring’s Performance Management Platform provides consistent and continuous feedback that meets the developmental needs of businesses and their employees. Stop the ineffective performance reviews and impact your business with continuous feedback today. 

Features of Continuous Feedback

Continuous feedback with Performance Scoring means:

  • Continuous check-ins and coaching
  • Holistic assessment with peer-to-peer feedback
  • Automated email notifications of performance data
  • Mobile-responsive, cloud-based system to access anywhere

Continuous Feedback Impact

  1. Regular communication throughout the company becomes inherent
  2. Employee recognition will be promoted and motivate the workforce
  3. Challenges and issues that need to be addresses will be brought up proactively

Case Studies

Results of several studies and surveys depict the need for continuous feedback:

  • “76% of all employees want feedback at least monthly.” TruQu

  • “96% of the participating employees think ‘a performance tool’ helps them to receive continuous performance feedback.” Neuroleadership
  • “Nearly 60% of survey respondents reported that they would like feedback on a daily or weekly basis.” PwC

PerPerformance Scoring Benefits

Continous Feedback System

Performance management for the modern workforce is dependent upon technology, and Performance Scoring’s Performance Management System is a web-based, mobile-responsive solution. Next day implementation is available and with the intuitive user interface training isn’t required. Performance Scoring’s Platform captures and generates data from the individual moments that lead to successes and failures. Built-in reporting features make continuous coaching, employee engagement and participation a core aspect of your company culture.    

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