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Love Your Meetings

Performance Scoring's Meeting Management Application revolutionizes your meeting culture with advanced AI capabilities for transcribing and summarizing discussions. Designed as the foundation for operational excellence, it optimizes meeting efficiency leading to fewer, shorter, and more productive meetings, propelling your organization towards success.

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The Methodology

The Technology

Why Meeting Management?

Streamlined Meetings

From agendas to tracking action items, our AI-powered platform simplifies the entire process, saving valuable time.

All In One

Conduct reviews, set goals, and track progress, all with the latest information and all inside a meeting.

Engage and Empower

Encourage employee engagement by facilitating open communication, accountability, and feedback.

Tame the Chaos.

By seamlessly integrating all aspects of AI-powered meeting management, including employee reviews, coaching, task management, employee engagement, and project management, Performance Scoring Meetings empower your team to collaborate effectively and drive exceptional results with fewer, shorter, and more productive engagements—every day.

Your Team Will Thank You

There's a Problem

Ineffective meetings affect the whole organization.

Meetings Waste Time

According to a study by Atlassian, the average employee attends 62 meetings per month, with half considered a waste of time and contributing to burnout.

Your Boss Agrees

A survey conducted by Harvard Business Review revealed that 71% of senior managers consider meetings unproductive and inefficient.

Fewer = Better

A study by Bain & Company found executives spend an average of 23 hours per week in meetings, with 7.5 hours per week considered unnecessary.

Connect the Dots

Say goodbye to meetings that should have been an email. With Performance Scoring, meetings don't check the box, they connect the dots.


Review where you landed after the last meeting. Review any topics of discussion added to the meeting in the meantime. Enter the link to your favorite video conferencing app and start the meeting when you're ready.



Any tasks assigned will automatically show up in their assignee's task list and updates to tasks are automatically shared with any other, related meetings and projects.

That way, everyone is held accountable and kept in the know—in any one of 143 languages.



Couldn't make the meeting? No problem. Performance Scoring Meetings will send you an automated meeting recap email with everything you missed, including the meeting minutes, links to projects and tasks along with meeting transcriptions and summarizations.


There's More

There's a lot more to Performance Scoring than just meetings if you're curious.

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High Alignment & High Productivity

Fewer, more productive meetings keep employees aligned and helps increase their productivity.

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Meetings Cost Money

Meetings are costing you more than you think. Find out how much it costs to bring your team together and how much you could save with Performance Scoring Meetings.

Calculate your costs



For 75 people making $75k annually to meet 9x per week for 0.75 hours, on average.


Cost per Meeting


Annual Meeting Hours


Cost per Week


Meetings per year

Meeting doesn't have to cost so much.

People who use Performance Scoring spend 16% less time in meetings.

Running your meetings in Performance Scoring and, over the course of one year:


Savings per year


Hours gifted back


Fewer meetings

Getting Started

No two organizations are the same. That's why Performance Scoring is 100% customizable and self-paced.

Initial Setup after purchase of Performance Scoring

Purchase & Setup

Purchase Performance Scoring online and walk through the basic setup for you and your team, and your organization as a whole.

Get Logged-In

Notify your team and get them logged-in so they can continue a basic setup for themselves and their teams. Every manager can set things up their way.

Join the Meeting

Once in, you'll see a "Getting Started" meeting already there. The meeting includes all the additional, optional steps you could complete to make it yours.

Ask Questions

If you or your team have any questions, just ask support, and we'll run through your meeting together to address all your questions and provide assistance.

Prefer Autopilot?

Would you prefer it all gets done for you? No problem. One of our dedicated onboarding specialists can set things up just the way you want it and run that first "Getting Started" meeting with you and your team.


Ready to Experience Meetings?

Get started today and revolutionize the way your organization meets, collaborates, and performs. Contact us to schedule a FREE, live demo and learn more about Performance Scoring Meetings.

More than Meetings

Performance Scoring Meetings are just the start. There's a lot more to the application.

Accountability Chart

More than an org chart, our Accountability chart clearly communicates important information about organization-wide performance and alignment. Transparency shows teams how their work matters and keeps their managers accountable.

Accountability Chart

Performance Tracking

Smart performance objectives are scoreable and easily tracked. With increased data, your business can operate more efficiently and make informed decisions for the future.

Smart Performance Objectives


Our application breaks down goal data and alignment down even further into individuals' objectives, engagement, expectations understanding, reviews, and aggregate feedback for a better understanding of the whole person, not just small facits.

All Dimentions of Employees

Realtime Feedback

High-frequency, low-impact feedback across your organization is the pulse that keeps your people moving forward.

Realtime Feedback

Custom Forms

Build, distribute, and analyze surveys effortlessly – empower your assessments. Whether gathering internal feedback or polling external stakeholders, Performance Scoring equips you with a user-friendly interface to create, distribute, and analyze custom forms with precision and ease.

Editing Custom Forms

Knowledge Base (LMS)

Exclusive access to our Knowledge Base, full of "How-To" articles and videos to help turn your managers into coaches. The Knowledge Base also includes advanced analytics and document storage to satisfy basic LMS needs.

PS KB Knowledge Base


Drill into the aggregated data for performance objectives and realtime feedback to gain greater insight into how your people are doing in relation to their peers and for the organization as a whole.