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Unified Communication, Diverse Applications

In Performance Scoring, we believe that meaningful meetings drive organizational harmony. Whether you’re connecting with external stakeholders or ensuring alignment within your teams, our platform is versatile enough to facilitate each connection.

External Engagements

Welcome external participants and ensure every detail is captured.


Team Sync-Ups

Stay on the same page with projects, address challenges, and relay essential updates upwards.


Leadership Deliberations

Channelized updates for leadership ensures a focus on strategic decisions.


1:1 Reflections

Hold structured and transparent review sessions within your meetings. 

Cross-Functional Meetings

Merge the strengths of cross-functional teams for superior outcomes.


Boardroom Meetings

With structured agendas and real-time data, zoom in on what truly matters.


Elevate Your Meeting Experience

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Easy Purchase & Personalized Configuration

Buy Performance Scoring easily online and streamline the setup tailored for your team and organizational needs

Embark on Your First Meeting

Discover a pre-arranged “Getting Started” meeting, equipped with additional steps to truly make it yours.

Easy Team Onboarding

Reach out to your team. Get them onboarded for a customized setup experience.

Need Help? Just Ask!

Got queries? Our support team is here to guide you through, ensuring a smooth and enlightening meeting experience.

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Let us handle the nitty-gritty. Our onboarding experts will ensure everything’s set perfectly, culminating in your inaugural “Getting Started” meeting.

Mastering Meetings: The Methodology

Unearth the secret to hosting transformative meetings that drive action and foster collaboration. Dive into our exclusive video and discover our evidence-based approach to orchestrating effective and engaging meetings.

Empowering Execution: The Technology

Harnessing technology can redefine how you implement your meeting strategies. Get a firsthand look at how our cutting-edge platform amplifies the efficacy of the methodology, simplifying execution while maximizing results.