Transform Meetings with Performance Scoring

Efficiency, Engagement, and Results

Discover how Performance Scoring revolutionizes meetings, blending flexibility, functionality, and efficiency. From customizable templates to seamless integrations, our platform elevates every aspect of your meetings.

Meeting Management Plan with Performance Scoring
Meeting Management Plan with Performance Scoring

Transform Meetings with Performance Scoring

Efficiency, Engagement, and Results”

Discover how Performance Scoring revolutionizes meetings, blending flexibility, functionality, and efficiency. From customizable templates to seamless integrations, our platform elevates every aspect of your meetings.

Customization at Your Fingertips: Tailor Your Meetings to Perfection

Every team is unique, and so should be their meetings. With Performance Scoring, you have the freedom to customize each aspect of your meeting. Whether it’s a small team brainstorm or a large-scale corporate strategy session, our platform adapts to your needs. Customize your agenda, integrate your preferred tools, and create an environment that reflects your team’s culture and objectives.

a digital meeting template, showcasing the flexibility and user-friendliness of Performance Scoring's customizable meeting templates

Craft Perfect Meetings with Customizable Templates

Engage your team with tailor-made meeting structures that cater to diverse needs, from brainstorming sessions to executive reviews.

Create your own templates or use our templates to streamline preparation and ensure focus.


Effortless Video Conferencing Integration: Connect and Collaborate

Connect with team members or clients across any platform without missing a beat. Whether you’re a Microsoft Teams organization coordinating with a partner on Zoom, or using Google Meet for quick check-ins, our platform ensures that your meetings are productive, efficient, and hassle-free.

This feature is particularly beneficial for remote teams and global collaborations, ensuring that geographical boundaries do not hinder effective communication.

A diverse team engaged in a virtual meeting using Performance Scoring, integrated with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Meet.
A user customizing a meeting agenda on Performance Scoring, highlighting the flexibility to rename and structure different sections like 'Intros' and 'Q&A' for enhanced productivity.

Dynamic Agendas & Interactive Modules: Your Meeting, Your Way

Transform your meetings from mundane to motivational. Our dynamic agenda setting allows you to tailor each meeting to fit your team’s unique ethos and objectives.

With the ability to embed diverse modules, you can make every meeting an interactive and engaging experience. This flexibility is key in fostering a collaborative environment where every participant feels valued and heard.

Embeddable Modules

Embed various modules like shout-outs, wrap-ups, and performance reviews directly into your meeting, enhancing engagement and effectiveness.

Go a step further an embed other tools like HubSpot, Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Sharepoint), Websites, and so much more.

Screen showing Performance Scoring's interface with embedded modules for shout-outs, wrap-ups, and performance reviews, enhancing the interactivity and effectiveness of a meeting.
An interactive display of Performance Scoring's task management feature, showing a user adding, prioritizing, and tracking tasks during a meeting to align with team goals.

Streamlined Task Management: Prioritize for Impact

Navigate through your meeting’s tasks with ease. Our intuitive task management system lets you add, prioritize, and track tasks in real-time, ensuring that your team focuses on what matters most. This feature is crucial for maintaining efficient meeting management, keeping your team aligned and productive.

Easily identify how your team is priortizing tasks coming from meetings, while allowing teammates to see the meeting’s priority of those same tasks.


In-Depth Meeting Analytics: Measure Success and Improve

Empower your meetings with data-driven insights. Our analytics provide a clear overview of your meeting’s effectiveness, from the number of tasks accomplished to the quality of discussions.

Utilize these insights for continuous improvement, making each meeting more productive than the last. This feature is essential for teams aiming to achieve peak performance in their meetings.

A detailed analytics dashboard from Performance Scoring showing metrics on tasks updated, discussion topics resolved, and meeting ratings, providing valuable insights into meeting productivity.
An image showing a detailed meeting recap on Performance Scoring's platform, highlighting updated tasks, discussed topics, and key decisions, ensuring accountability and progress tracking.

Effective Meeting Follow-Ups

Ensure accountability and progress with detailed meeting recaps, including tasks updated, discussions held, and decisions made, all easily accessible for future reference.

Whats great about this? Imagine getting a recap in a meeting you couldn’t make, now instead of asking someone for a general recap, now you can have engaging, specific, time-saving, and actionble followups. 


Ready to Transform Your Meetings? Let’s Get Started!

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