Better Performance Management Starts with Employee Recognition!

The Feedback Employees Want

Performance Scoring is a continuous feedback system that uses employee recognition to generate performance data that drives employee development. The feedback that your employees want will  lead to the business results that everyone wants, a win-win for the company and the employee!

Recognize Employees

Feedback shouldn’t only come from a supervisor, with Performance Scoring:

  • Feedback comes from all relevant shareholders with 360 degree feedback
  • Mobile-responsive, cloud-based system to access anywhere for continuous feedback
  • Recognition data is communicated to all shareholders in real-time
  • Custom performance metrics mean you only measure what matters to your organization

Engage & Coach Employees

Employee recognition generates data, which is used by reporting features to:

  1. Objectively shows managers how their team is performing in real-time
  2. Directs managers where engagement and coaching is needed
  3. Continuous coaching that is driven by objective performance data
  4. Recognize employee growth & development with performance scores

Impact on Company Culture

The benefits of effective performance management affect all employees:


“96% of the participating employees think ‘a performance tool’ helps them to receive continuous performance feedback.” – Neuroleadership

Continous Performance Management System

Performance management for the modern workforce is dependent upon technology, and Performance Scoring’s CPM System is a web-based, mobile-responsive solution. Next day implementation is available and with the intuitive user interface training isn’t required. Performance Scoring’s Platform captures and generates data from the individual moments that lead to successes and failures. Built-in reporting features make continuous coaching, employee engagement and participation a core aspect of your company culture.

Performance Scoring Responsive Application

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