Evidence-Based Management with Performance Scoring

Evidence-based management (EBM) uses data to strategize proactively and promote success while preventing failure. When this is coupled with continuous coaching and employee engagement the benefits to a company are transcendent . Performance Scoring’s Performance Management Platform provides the consistent and continuous feedback needed to meet the developmental needs of businesses and their employees through evidence based management. Businesses that prioritize the engagement of their workforce consistently outperform those where engagement is low. Building a culture of strong communication and employee engagement isn’t a difficult project, get started today with Performance Scoring.

Features for Management

Performance Scoring’s features support evidence based management by:

  • Objective data keeps employees informed on their performance and development
  • Holistic assessment of performance updated with real-time feedback
  • Automated email notifications of performance data keep everyone informed
  • Continuous coaching and feedback are guided by Performance Scoring

Management with Data

  1. Ensure that organizational and employee development is directly aligned with company goals and values
  2. Informed, consistent and effective decision making from objective data
  3. Challenges and issues that need to be addresses will be brought up proactively

Case Studies

Results of several studies and surveys depict the need for evidence based management:

  • 8.9% greater profitability for managers who receive feedback on their strengths. – Gallup

  • Only 8% of companies believe their performance management process is highly effective in driving business value. – Deloitte
  • 20-25% productivity improvement in organizations with connected employees. – The McKinsey Global Institute

PerPerformance Scoring Benefits

Evidence-Based Management System

Evidence-based management for the modern workforce is dependent upon technology, and Performance Scoring’s Performance Management System is a web-based, mobile-responsive solution. Next-day implementation is available, and with the intuitive user interface training isn’t required. Performance Scoring’s Platform captures and generates data from the individual moments that lead to successes and failures. Built-in reporting features make continuous coaching, employee engagement and development core aspects of your company culture.