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Frequently Asked Questions

Want additional information about our performance management application? Our Performance Management Support Team is here to help.

How Long is the onboarding process?

The entire process takes on average about 7-10 business days, but is mainly dependent on how fast the up-front company information can be obtained. Have a few Factors in mind? Then the process has already begun.

How do companies get their employees to participate in the application?

It starts with management emphasizing Performance Scoring as a development tool for them to take ownership of their performance and not for pointing blame. Having a rewards system to help with the implementation process doesn’t hurt as well.

How often are scores shared with employees?

Employees have access to their scores at anytime just by logging into the application. To ensure employees are engaged and viewing their score, email notifications are available for any time period you set.

How long is my subscription plan?

The subscription plan for the non-supported and supported versions of Performance Scoring are 12-month agreements, with payment being due monthly.

Can I talk to a reference at a similar company currently using Performance Scoring?

Yes, please contact the Performance Scoring Team and we will happily connect you with an existing customer as a reference.

Does Performance Scoring replace annual performance reviews?

Not necessarily, as an annual review does provide value when done effectively. Performance Scoring will inform annual performance reviews with objective performance data throughout the year.

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