Performance Scoring

Performance Driven Culture

Built for performance management, Performance Scoring™ is a total organizational employee performance management application and engagement platform delivering real-time, objective data and key results to executives, managers, vendors, and employees; empowering managers to manage better, and employees to know where they are performing well and where they need coaching. Increase your organizational performance with the help of Performance Scoring.™

Performance Scoring’s Performance Management Application makes performance tracking, management, and improvement simple, quick, and intuitive. Start Measuring What Matters with Performance Scoring.

User-User Scoring

Score Users through intuitive Peer-to-Peer Feedback and automated API integration. Score employees, vendors, and more on the precise factors that drive or inhibit success. Capture the performance data that your HR software is missing.

Performance Score

My Performance Score objectively quantifies employee performance at each level using the relative performance scoring index. Each user’s score is relative to other users in the same ScoreCard Category.

ScoreBoard Reports

ScoreBoard displays team or company-wide Performance Scores in real-time. Dynamic Drill Down Reporting delivers accurate, actionable insights with easily identifiable performance trends.

Dynamic Org Charts

Dynamic Performance Organizational Chart displays relative organizational hierarchy with visual representations of performance. Quickly contextualize team and department performance.

Performance Scoring Responsive Application

Benefiting every individual within an organization, employee engagement with Performance Scoring delivers high ROI through increased individual and company performance. Employees perform better, managers manage better, vendors relationships are performance based, and every role has the real-time feedback they require to make the necessary improvements while building greater consensus.

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Greater Employee Development

When employees know the specific factors that drive their individual successes, and can see in real-time where they stand, they develop and are promoted faster, improving employee retention for top talent. 

Automated Company communication

Automated Communication, Instant Messaging, Email Notifications, and fully Exportable Performance Data keep everyone informed. Better communication builds stronger teams and higher corporate performance.

Informed Meetings & Consensus Knowledge

Performance Scoring drives more effective, concise and actionable meetings through shared objective data, empowering users to self-identify and correct areas of need to propel your organization.

Stronger Employee Engagement

Utilizing poweful automated employee engagement tools , Performance Scoring drives engagement and appreciate for employees, vendors,  and more – allowing them to outperform every time.

How Performance Scoring Helps You

Effective performance management with the Performance Scoring Continuous Performance Management System benefits each employee at every level of your organization. Application features are designed and tailored to each organizational role ensuring success. Find out how Performance Scoring will beneficially impact your role below:


View the features and benefits of Performance Scoring from management’s perspective.

Accounting & Finance

View the features and benefits of Performance Scoring from Accounting & Finance’s perspective.

Human Resources

View the features and benefits of Performance Scoring from Human Resources’ perspective.


View the features and benefits of Performance Scoring from an Employee’s perspective

8¢ An Hour to Measure What Matters!

If someone told you that for less than 8 cents an hour, or lunch once a month, that you could measure each of your employees performance, and their perfomance would increase by 15%+… would you join?