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Quick Tips to Effective Goal Setting

Knowing what is expected of you in your job is important, but it is equally important that the goals being set are realistic and still challenging. The workplace has changed more than ever due to the pandemic, and many employees find themselves experiencing higher...

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The Evolution of Employee Reviews to Performance Previews

I think Janice Burns, of asked the right question: Will performance reviews still have a place in the new normal?  Receiving the stale, at-best quarterly, often yearly (if any) employee reviews leaves much to be desired. Are you that employer, that...

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The Covid-19 Stress Test for Schools: One Year Later

It’s hard to believe it has been a year since school districts across America began the shut down because of COVID-19. In some ways it feels like yesterday everyone was told to stay home, in other ways it feels like it’s been 10 years since educators had their...

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Why Education Systems are Raving About Performance Scoring

The Desire Is Clear Right?   What do all parents want for their kids, and teachers want for their students? Hopefully you said to be successful in the transition from high school to college and into careers! We want to help students find and navigate this thing called...

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Accountability? Who Cares!

Growing up did you ever receive consequences for not taking responsibility? Ever experience being grounded or having a favorite toy thrown out because of it? That my friends is what happens when we are held accountable to what we’ve said we would do and fail to action...

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Why Performance Scoring believes KPI’s need to retire

History of KPIs No one knows exactly where Robert Kaplan and David Norton’s  KPIs originated from, with some pointing to the emperors of the 3rd century Chinese Wei Dynasty.  We do know that these were not primarily intended to measure individual performance. For...

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Performance Scoring is here to simplify your process.

Matthew O’Neil poses a great question, “How do business leaders determine the measurement system for individual and group performance?” Historically, annual performance reviews are a common way companies have measured employee success. Can you really measure when its...

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Setting Goals During a Pandemic

With Performance Scoring’s crowdsourcing of factors in the moment by each employee and then identifying, analyzing, and communicating on those specific issues affecting the organization in the moment, it directs leadership on how to better align their business objectives.

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