Create or Edit ScoreCard Categories is super quick and simple. First, login to your company’s Performance Scoring System. Next, from the Manage tab on the left. Select Manage ScoreCard Categories.Manage Performance System, Performance Management System, Tab image of performance management system This will take you to the Score Card Categories Page. Here you can see each of the Score Card Categories you have created. You can also ave access to scorecards based on your unique role permissions. To edit, select “edit” next to the score card category you wish to edit. From here, you can change the name of the Score Card Category.

Add ScoreCard Categories, Add ScoreCard Category, Add ScoreCard Category Performance Management System

To add a new Score Card Category, click on the Manage tab on the left. Select Manage ScoreCard Categories,┬áthen select “Add New”. From here just enter the name of the Score Card Category you wish to add. Now go to each of the user’s profiles, under “User Management,” that you wish to add the Score Card Category to- either to score in, or be scored in.


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