Performance Scoring

Innovative Classroom Management Solutions for Classroom Leaders

Test scores, walkthroughs and feedback observations don’t tell the whole story! Performance Scoring captures data on the underlying factors affecting each classroom in real-time and stimulates student engagement and development. Teachers now have objective, actionable data to better inform strategy, focus resources, and engage administration and parents to drive success.

The Classroom Management Tool that Performs for Teachers

Generate authentic data on the factors affecting the classroom, understand and engage students beyond test scores, and automate communication to staff, students, and parents. Performance Scoring promotes accountability, leadership and development of students in the classroom based on actionable data derived from user-to-user Performance Scoring on the factors the drive or inhibit success.

Increase Productivity

Performance Scoring increases productivity in the classroom through greater student and class performance and accountability based on direct engagement on the factors that drive student success.

Automate Communication

The communication process for Classroom Leaders is manual, but it doesn’t need to be. Let Performance Scoring’s All-In-One System do the work for you, automatically notifying Administrators, Counselors, Parents, Students and more on the factors that matter and impact success. 

Holistic Student Assessment

Performance Scoring brings a complete understanding of each student and the underlying factors affecting their performance and productivity in the classroom – both past and present.

Benefits of Performance Scoring in the Classroom

Performance Scoring benefits classroom leaders by capturing objective data on the underlying factors affecting every classroom. Efficiently manage everything in the classroom: students, suppliers, custodial staff and more with the same intuitive system. Automate communication to Principals, Counselors, Parents, Vendors, etc. to spend more time teaching and less time duplicating your communication efforts.

Measure Development

Track individual and team development across the school and classroom based on the factors you and your administration know drive success on your campus.

Focus & Maximize Resources

Authentic data directs teachers and classroom leaders to precise areas for engagement & coaching for continuous classroom improvement.

Holistic Understanding

Test scores, walkthroughs, and observations do not tell the full story. Develop a holistic understanding of individual, team, classroom, and department performance.


Real-Time Notifications

Be notified on your terms while ensuring relevant parties are automatically notified about important factors driving or impeding success. 

Inform Meetings & Strategy

Actionable data, shared with relevant stake-holders ensures meetings are more actionable, students and parents are better informed, and strategy is perfectly aligned.


Prepare Students

Develop classroom culture based on individual and team development for students through greater accountability and engagement in Performance Scoring.

Features Enhancing School Leadership

Empower classroom leadership with the tools to elevate success while limiting the challenges. Through relevant automated engagement, teachers and classroom leaders can respond in real-time to the challenges and wins as the occur. 

Feedback Generated at Every Level

Teachers, Students, Staff, Suppliers, and others generate the feedback that empowers development to drive continuous improvement in the classroom, school, and district.

Actionable Data & Reporting

Performance Scoring is finding the needles in every haystack of data, clearly engaging, informing and directing teachers, staff, and administrators where engagement should be focused.

Automated Communication

Every user (student, teacher, staff, etc) is engaged and informed in real-time, without the need to send multiple emails, phone calls, or having to duplicate the same information in multiple platforms.

"Performance Scoring has driven continuous improvement in our school and the authentic data that is captured enhances our ability as leaders."

– Trevor B., Assistant Principal

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