The Desire Is Clear Right?  

What do all parents want for their kids, and teachers want for their students? Hopefully you said to be successful in the transition from high school to college and into careers! We want to help students find and navigate this thing called life and enjoy what they do and help them achieve all they can. So why so often do we seem to miss the mark?  

Do We Need to Consider Other Factors 

Performance Scoring doesn’t just look at the main objective but we tailor our application to what each individual needs. We grasp knowledge on their strengths and weaknesses and work with teachers to create a customized approach to helping each student succeed, not just academically but for outside of the classroom as well. As noted in the national High School Center’s Collage and Career Readiness Resource Guide, definitions could be more holistic and actionable if they accounted for other types of skills and knowledge students need to fully prepare for education and work as well as the challenges that they’re likely to encounter after high school.  

Performance Solutions Proactive Approach 

Firstly, we must stop looking at just a students ability to succeed academically but we must also look at the full spectrum of knowledge and skills that are proven to be essential for success. Performance Solutions has done research investigating what it takes to be successful with both work and school. Our application allows teachers to see and react to challenges the student is facing in the moment before its too late.  

For example, if a student was struggling with math but was to shy to ask for support or can not afford tutoring performance solutions application gives teachers real live data in real time and from the moment they see a student digressing in their academic objectives they are able to react and help this student get to where they need to in order to succeed long term. 

The Beauty Of Performance Scoring 

Performance Scoring will access each schools needs and will customize the platform to elevate students and staff as well as alleviate the stress and pressure of teachers trying to pry information from students. Our expert developers have proven through data science that addressing the challenges kids face in real time gives more time to focusing on building their strengths and empowering them for life outside of schooling. It allows teachers a quick and effective way to target students that are struggling and potentially pairing them up with students who are shining. We work collectively together to create this environment where we are better together then apart. This is what Performance Scoring can do for you.  


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