PS Reviews: IndustryWeek – Millennials and Manufacturing: Eight Tips to Attract and Train a 21st Century Workforce

Jan 14, 2019 | News

Performance Scoring Reviews: Leslie Bloom’s Article on Manufacturing Needs to Attract and Train Millennials

The quarter mark of the 21st century draws near with manufacturing and industrial industries approaching a critical threshold. As Leslie Bloom of IndustryWeek points out “the millennial generation has overtaken baby boomers” in America; besides couple this with research that millennials rank manufacturing as “their least preferred career” to reveal this threshold. The evolving American workforce does not view manufacturing as an attractive and emerging career path. The summation is, as Bloom writes, that “we can expect to see a major workforce gap emerge” in manufacturing. Bloom references research predicting “a shortage of two million skilled workers” over the coming decade. 
Furthermore, Bloom then discusses how this threshold can be conquered and the manufacturing industry can thrive under millennials. Above all, the underlying theme of Bloom’s eight strategies for millennials and manufacturing are the cornerstone of Performance Scoring. Employee engagement and development, both seen as intangibly measured, are of utmost importance to them in a career. Hence, Performance Scoring evolves an organization by giving employee engagement and development tangent measurables and data.
Additionally, Bloom mentions “bringing the use of tech to the forefront” for this “tech-savvy generation.” Performance Scoring is responsive and dynamic to guarantee a millennial attraction, fully functional on smartphones and tablets. Research is continuously concluding looming manufacturing and industrial challenges as old meets new head on. Performance Scoring’s Performance Management System is designed to be the catalyst for manufacturing to thrive with millennials and generations to come.