Performance Scoring’s IBS 2019 Performance Management Survey

During the 2019 NAHB International Builders’ Show, Performance Scoring will be surveying some of the construction industries top companies regarding their performance management practices. We will be identifying which companies currently have a performance management process in place, and how effective that process is at promoting employee engagement and employee development at their company. The importance of performance management becomes increasingly vital to the construction industry given that this industry faces one of the most narrow labor markets. Our performance management survey will provide valuable insight and bring attention to the lack of effective performance management within the industry. As the urgency increases to focus on process efficiencies and maximizing the value of each employee, the priority of performance management will continue to rise and take precedence.

Performance Scoring will be out in full force gathering significant data about the state of performance management in the construction industry. Our Performance Management Platform was designed to be the performance management solution that gives construction companies the tool they need to experience increased performance, productivity & profitability. To receive the updates and data from Performance Scoring’s IBS 2019 Performance Management Survey, subscribe with your contact information at¬†or at (888)726-7315.


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