10 Things Your Employees Think About Performance Management

Sep 14, 2023 | Employee Engagement, News, performance management

Unveiling the Employee Perspective with Performance Scoring

Performance management is a hot topic for organizations striving to achieve high levels of productivity and employee engagement.

Performance management is a hot topic for organizations striving to achieve high levels of productivity and employee engagement. However, despite numerous HR initiatives, the employee’s voice often remains underrepresented in performance management discussions. According to Deloitte, “only 8% of companies report that their performance management process drives high levels of value” (Deloitte, 2017). Here are ten things your employees may be thinking about performance management, and how PerformanceScoring can help bridge the gap.

  1. “Is This Even Relevant?”
    Employees often find performance metrics irrelevant to their day-to-day tasks. Performance Scoring’s real-time tracking ensures that the KPIs are aligned with employees’ roles.
  2. “It’s Just a Formality”
    The perception that performance reviews are merely a formality can be demotivating. Utilizing Performance Scoring’s Pulse Survey tool can make these evaluations more interactive and valuable.
  3. “Feedback is Too Late”
    Delayed feedback can diminish its effectiveness. PerformanceScoring’s real-time coaching features allow for instant feedback, making it more actionable.
  4. “Where’s the Constructive Criticism?”
    According to CEB, now Gartner, “62% of employees believe that their company’s performance management approach is ineffective” (CEB/Gartner, 2019). PerformanceScoring’s analytics ensure feedback is data-driven and constructive.
  5. “I Don’t Feel Heard”
    Employee input is crucial for a balanced review process. Performance Scoring’s Pulse Survey tool can be employed to regularly gauge employee opinions.
  6. “My Strengths Are Overlooked”
    Recognition boosts morale. PerformanceScoring enables managers to highlight and celebrate employee strengths, not just weaknesses.
  7. “It’s All About Numbers”
    Employees often feel reduced to mere statistics. Performance Scoring’s dashboards offer a balanced view that can include qualitative metrics.
  8. “One Mistake Defines Me”
    A single mistake can overshadow an entire evaluation period. Performance Scoring’s continuous tracking allows for a more nuanced assessment.
  9. “Where’s the Follow-Up?”
    The lack of follow-up post-review can make the process feel futile. Performance Scoring’s tracking features enable managers to maintain accountability.
  10. “It’s Not Transparent”
    Transparency can make or break trust in the performance management process. Performance Scoring offers visibility into how performance is being measured and evaluated.

Understanding the employee perspective is crucial for effective performance management. Performance Scoring offers the tools to make this process more transparent, timely, and relevant, effectively turning potential criticisms into areas for improvement and growth

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