Performance Scoring Benefits in Education

Building Culture.

Boosting Communication.

Bridging Behavior.

Realize the Performance Scoring benefits in education for Administrators, Teachers, Support Staff, Students, Supplier & Vendors, and more, through greater individual and team performance, higher productivity, based upon continuous feedback on objective data.

Increase Performance & Productivity

The performance data captured by Performance Scoring and then communicated to the relevant users to further engage, will develop and grow confidence translating to greater classroom, school, and district success and development. Instill confidence by informing users of areas of high performance and areas where further coaching should be focused, along with the individual factors contributing to those areas of performance.

Measure & Manage Performance District-Wide

Continuous feedback on the factors that drive success with Performance Scoring brings a new element to action plans and policies that are implemented across multiple campuses. Historical data trends direct leaders to action, and predictive analytics alert and inform leaders on the progress of improvement areas.

Performance Scoring Education Edition Benefits Scoreboard
Performance Management Data Visualization for Performance Scoring

Culture Built on Accountability

Performance Scoring puts the right people in the right places to generate and capture critical datapoints that determine success or failure. When Students, Staff and Suppliers are involved and aware of the performance management process they can have an opportunity to self-correct because they will be held accountable.

Performance Scoring Benefits in Education for School Classrooms and Teachers

A clear understanding of the underlying factors affecting a school and its classrooms is the ultimate school improvement tool.

Student Engagement

Real-time, continuous data directs student engagement at school, and automated communication to parents and guardians brings student engagement home.


Effective Communication

Real-time access along with automated communication and notifications to Administrators, Support Staff, and Parents and Guardians saves time and alleviates stress.

Maximize and Focus Resources

Historical data trends to objectively direct leaders where to best focus resources to experience immediate school improvement by team and individual development

Long-Term Growth Solution

Performance Scoring evloves with the classroom, school, and district, measuring the factors that drive success overtime informing the right people at the right time.


Enhance Curriculum

Enchance curriculum overtime with Performance Scoring based on the objective feedback of each shareholder, student, parent, staff, administrator, consultant, and more. 

Holistic Understanding

Test scores, walkthroughs and observations do not paint the whole picture. Performance Scoring contextualizes the factors that drive success and informs to inspire confidence

Performance Scoring Integration Partners

Performance Scoring is adding new partners everyday, below are a few of our favorites. If your SIS, LMS, ERP, CRM, or more have an open or rest API, Performance Scoring can integrate! Feel reach to reach out to us for the latest listing of Performance Management for Education Performance Scoring Partners.

PowerSchool Performance Management Partnership with performance Scoring
Clever Single Sign On for Performance Management in Education Performance Scoring
Google Classroom Performance Management Partner with Performance Scoring
Skyward Performance Management Performance Scoring Partner

What Our Performance Management in Education Clients Are Saying

Want to hear from some of our clients? We picked a few of our favorite performance management application users. They love Performance Scoring, and so will you.

This puts leadership in every classroom, giving us principals the data needed to better design and implement strategies, while giving us the ability to course correct in real-time.  Performance Scoring also helps focus resources based on real data so that every dollar is well spent to further our students educational experience.

Trevor B.

Assistant Principal, Middle School

Feedback and communication generated in the application help my students grow and ask for help when needed, informing me to direct action even when a student does not ask. 

Erica T.

AVID Site Coordinator

The automated communication functions to staff and parents inform every relevant party, ensuring the are kept up today, know where improvements can be made, while encouraging students to communicate on their needs. 

Jennifer P


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