Performance Management Features in Education Edition of Performance Scoring

Performance Management Features in Education for Performance Scoring elevate performance of every user, from administration, staff, teachers, coaches, vendors, students, and more. Unify all siloed data from your LMS, SIS, ERP, and more to easily visualize district and campus data directing leadership to areas where resources and training should be focused.


Your Students.

Your Staff.

Your Administrators.

Your Performance Score.

Real Time Performance Scores

Users have instant access to review their performance relative to their peers by the objective metrics set forth by teachers and administrators in their creation of factors, empowering students & staff to take ownership of their performance.


With custom metrics derived from relevant user performance and engagement data, leaders are empowered to confidently and successfully implement action.



Aligning development with authentic data leads to more postive outcomes for every student, staff memeber, or administrator. 


Integrating is easy with multple third-party Learning Management Systems, Student Information Systems, and more to better capture, analyze, and aggregate the information you need.

Performance Management Features for Education in Performance Scoring
Data Visualization and Performance Scoring for Schools in Education

Evaluate User Performance With Continuous Feedback

Administrators, Teachers, Support Staff, Vendors, and Students receive continuous feedback through direct and automated engagement with Performance Scoring.




School and classroom data is available in real-time to all relevant stakeholders, directed by automated notifications to alert Administrators, Teachers, Parents/Guardians as factors occur that could contribute or inhibit user success.


At every level within the district, school, department, class, and student, the reporting features of Performance Scoring clearly direct where engagement and coaching are needed, and authentic data trends guide and inform strategy.

Performance Management Features in Education Edition of Performance Scoring

Performance Scoring is not a one-size-fits-all solution, its features measure and drive continuous improvement  and engagement in the areas that leaders know drive success.


Secure Cloud Data

Access real-time data from an encrypted, secure cloud database, compliant with all federal and state regulations (including FERPA).

User-Specific Interface

Each user will only see the data that is important and releveant to their role, view Performance Scoring’s interface by leadership role. 

Fully Customizable

Individual school structure is matched in Performance Scoring, and leaders measure only what they know drives improvement and success, the system evolves overtime to meet the needs of educators in a fast-pace environment.

Exportable Data

Objective data generated in Performance Scoring is fully exportable to inform staff meetings, student sit-downs, parent-teacher meetings, and staff development.

All-In-One Management

Powerful reporting empowers school leaders to measure and manage Staff, Students, Suppliers & Vendors, Extracurricular Activities, and much more in one secure web-based system.


In-App Walkthroughs

For all features and views within the application users are given a quick walkthrough how to use each feature. No need to spend time training, when we can do it in seconds when it matters.

Integration Partners of Performance Scoring

Below is a list of a few of our integrated partners. Performance Scoring’s Performance Management Application for Education easily integrates with almost any EdTech product as long as their solution offers and API.

PowerSchool Performance Management Partnership with performance Scoring
Clever Single Sign On for Performance Management in Education Performance Scoring
Google Classroom Performance Management Partner with Performance Scoring
Skyward Performance Management Performance Scoring Partner
Performance Scoring Responsive Application

What Our Performance Management in Education Clients Are Saying

Want to hear from some of our clients? We picked a few of our favorite performance management application users. They love Performance Scoring, and so will you.

This puts leadership in every classroom, giving us principals the data needed to better design and implement strategies, while giving us the ability to course correct in real-time.  Performance Scoring also helps focus resources based on real data so that every dollar is well spent to further our students educational experience.

Trevor B.

Assistant Principal, Middle School

Feedback and communication generated in the application help my students grow and ask for help when needed, informing me to direct action even when a student does not ask. 

Erica T.

AVID Site Coordinator

The automated communication functions to staff and parents inform every relevant party, ensuring the are kept up today, know where improvements can be made, while encouraging students to communicate on their needs. 

Jennifer P


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Built as a fully responsive employee and company performance management web application, take it to your favorite smart phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Performance Scoring was built to score employees perfectly on any device, allowing you to score or review scores on the go.

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