Forbes – 6 Ways to Reinvent Your Company’s Performance Management

Feb 20, 2020 | News

PS Reviews: E. Mosley’s Forbes Article on Continuous Performance Management 

In his recent Forbes article, “6 Ways to Reinvent Your Company’s Performance Management,” Eric Mosley discusses more modern (and effective) performance management processes for organizations looking to shift away from traditional approachesThe traditional approaches are, and have been, outdated and ineffective at driving performance improvements. “By shifting traditional performance management to continuous performance management – built on a foundation of regular check-ins, ongoing feedback, and frequent recognition moments – companies can optimize performance by enabling employees to achieve their fullest potential,” Mosley explains. Continuous feedback and employee recognition are the driving forces behind Performance Scoring’s Continuous Performance Management SystemBut what’s the big deal about regular check-ins and ongoing feedback? It’s not the status quo, and one of the biggest challenges that organizations face is how to have these conversations with employees while focusing on driving business solutions rather than just small talk. Performance Scoring’s continuous performance management system captures objective data that encourages and directs ongoing conversations that strengthen professional relationships, develop employees and increase performance. 
Considerations for a performance management overhaul 
Moving to a continuous performance management approach is a big change and an important opportunity to change how employees view performance management. Leaders must convey the importance of continuous performance management from the standpoint of development, recognition and accountability. “Build a foundation of trust through a culture of authenticity and positivity,” Mosley begins. “Encourage employees to participate actively in their own success.” Recognition of employee and group achievement by scoring positive factors in Performance Scoring is an effective way to create buzz around performance management that stimulates performance and productivity increases. Mosley recommends that organizations embrace the 3 C’s: continuous, crowdsourced, and culturally aligned.” Performance management that is culturally aligned starts with making sure that core goals and values cascade through the performance management process. Performance Scoring is tailored to each organization and directly aligns employee development to core goals and values at every level.  
Real-time feedback that focuses on development 
Enough with the annual employee reviews and recency bias; “Make weekly check-ins a top priority to promote continual learning, improve retention, and foster human connections,” Mosley suggests. Performance Scoring provides a real-time snapshot of high, medium and low performance for teams and individual employees that is foundational to effective weekly check-ins. Begin with recognition of strengths and areas of high performance, and “approach as a coach” to work on areas where improvements can be made. The most important aspect of continuous performance management is simply that it is continuous. “Shift from high-stakes, low-frequency feedback to low-stakes, high-frequency conversations,” advises Mosley. Performance Scoring’s web-based application efficiently captures feedback in seconds to spur these high-frequency conversations without interrupting the existing workflow. With every new day that passes, traditional performance management is only becoming more outdated and ineffective. Make the change to continuous performance management todayyour employees (and their productivity) will thank you.