Pulse Headlines – How Employee Recognition Programs Impact Business

There are many benefits to employee recognition, Pablo Luna discusses this in a recent Pulse Headlines article with a focus on increased productivity and retention. Performance Scoring’s Performance Management Application empowers organizations to recognize employees with continuous feedback to increase performance and employee retention rates.

Forbes – 6 Ways to Reinvent Your Company’s Performance Management

In his recent Forbes article, “6 Ways to Reinvent Your Company’s Performance Management,” Eric Mosley discusses more modern (and effective) performance management processes for organizations looking to shift away from traditional approaches. The traditional approaches are, and have been, outdated and ineffective at driving performance improvements. Performance Scoring is the ultimate continuous performance management tool.

Harvard Business Review – Why Employees Need Both Recognition and Appreciation

Mike Robbins recent article for Harvard Business Review discusses the importance of employee recognition and appreciation to the long-term success of a company. PS reviews this article and discusses how the Performance Scoring Performance Management Application empower companies to recognize and appreciate employees while improving productivity and performance.

FedSmith.com – OPM Proposes Changes to Federal Employee Removal Process

Many forward-thinking businesses have done away with the traditional approaches (annual employee reviews, performance appraisals, etc.) to performance management for a more modern approach that focuses on coaching and employee development via feedback. The federal government is following suit and has made proposed changes to performance management, this is the subject of Ralph Smith’s recent FedSmith.com article, reviewed by Performance Scoring. Performance Scoring’s Performance Management System is the ultimate tool for organizations to effectively manage employee performance through continuous feedback.