– Talent Is Key To School Turnarounds

Turning around low performing schools and their districts is not yet an exact science, but specific factors continue to play an essential role in successful school turnarounds. In the recent article, “Talent is key to school turnarounds,” the University of Delaware (UD) explains how critical talent management is to the school turnaround process. “New research has demonstrated that the key to implementing successful reform in low-performing schools is hiring and retaining effective principals and teachers,” observes UD.

Pulse Headlines – How Employee Recognition Programs Impact Business

There are many benefits to employee recognition, Pablo Luna discusses this in a recent Pulse Headlines article with a focus on increased productivity and retention. Performance Scoring’s Performance Management Application empowers organizations to recognize employees with continuous feedback to increase performance and employee retention rates.

Gallup – 4 Factors Driving Record-High Employee Engagement in U.S.

Organizations with higher employee engagement perform better than those with low employee engagement levels. Jim Harter discusses key factors to drive employee engagement improvements, and Performance Scoring runs parallel to these factors. The Performance Scoring Team reviews the article and discusses the importance of employee engagement and development from a talent management and retention perspective.

Gallup – Why Employees Are Fed Up With Feedback

Employee feedback is not doing what it was intended to do – develop and grow employees. People are not responding to the infrequent and subject feedback that traditional methods provide. Performance Scoring’s Employee Feedback System gives employees the feedback they want, managers the data they have been missing, and increased business results that everyone wants.