Why Performance Scoring believes KPI’s need to retire

Dec 8, 2020 | Knowledge Base, News

Why Performance Scoring believes KPI’s need to retire

History of KPI’s

No one knows exactly where KPI’s originated from, but what we do know is that these were not intended to measure individual performance. KPI’s have this ability to cause more harm then good in the long run which is why we prefer to have ‘performance forward’ conversations.

How Can We Move Forward?Why KPIs Need To Retire

Instead of faulty assumptions and isolating individual performance based on KPI’s why not have live authentic data based on realistic expectations and objectives set collectively by management and their employees. Performance Scoring does just that through our performance engagement  application. We believe managing people and having performance driven conversations through our simple yet effective platform will leverage more time to focus and hone in on areas of improvement company wide.
“ I think there should be opportunities for people to have conversations about their performance, but I don’t think capturing them in one annual or biannual format is the right way to do it.”                     

Georgia Murch, Author of Feedback Flow and Fixing Feedback

Georgia touches on a few reasons why infrequent reviews aren’t positive

  • Feedback is stale: A conversation or situation that happened 6 months ago, details won’t be remembered. Opinions replace objective information.
  • Feedback becomes “tell” oriented: there’s a lot of perspectives about the employees performance that is crammed into a small amount of time.
  • Close to 80,000 work hours are used each year to prep for these annual reviews

This approach does not build up or encourage the individual but instead pushes them to find yet another company that may value and utilize their skills. There has to be a shift in company atmosphere’s where we create a place of trust, honest reflection, collaboration on problem solving and not the blame game, and focus on moving forward.
Performance Scoring has been custom tailored, built as a framework, to be customized to your company’s needs. An engagement application that changes the dynamic and perspective of these reviews. Performance Scoring is here to help develop, build, and retain employees through creating dynamic and collaborative environments that allow space for  forward conversations to happen. Creating change in how we engage with people, moving to more high frequency and low stake engagements, exchanging authority at the expense of additional accountability, pushing people to recognize and reward each other, and meeting people in the moment before challenges become catastrophes, these are the things that are proving why Performance Scoring drives higher performing organizations.

Source: https://www.staceybarr.com/measure-up/a-better-tool-than-kpis-for-employee-performance-management/