Performance Scoring is here to simplify your process.

Nov 9, 2020 | Knowledge Base, News

Matthew O’Neil poses a great question, “How do business leaders determine the measurement system for individual and group performance?”

Historically, annual performance reviews are a common way companies have measured employee success. Can you really measure when its only done 1 or 2 times a year? If you cannot answer that confidently read how Performance Scoring will drive your employees’ performance through “in the moment” performance feedback and honing in on what could be hindering employee performance.  How to simplify your performance management process

Why Use Performance Scoring?

CEO/Founder Anthony Piccolo understands the significance that performance management and engagement has for fostering organizational improvement. Performance Scoring provides live data 24/7 and identifies unique objective factors that drive success for top performers, areas of improvement, and overall employee success through realistic benchmarks. This application allows you to know what is going on in real time with your team or company.

The Lengthy Performance Review Meetings

Performance Scoring takes the prep and extended time out of these conversations. Having authentic data in real time that has been measuring an employee’s performance since day 1. We have created an advanced scorecard that empowers you to decide what you want to focus on! Our application has the ability to generate automated performance reports that you and the employee can look at together. It gives percentage to completion metrics and creates space to focus on the achievement of objectives and company goals.

Performance Scoring Implements a Thoughtful and Intentional Performance Measurement Framework By Taking Note of the Details

When teams are new to a performance measurement framework, they need to have defined and clearly communicated goals across the organization. When yearly goals for the company are set, team management focuses on their objectives and professional performance goals before setting their teams. It is important to measure factors outside of their specific objectives as well. For example, taking note if a team member has created a better process or system on how to do something. Does a team member always go above and beyond stay past office hours to make sure their team shines. Sometimes these factors go unnoticed and you lose a very valuable employee because the feedback or help arrived too late. Performance Scoring helps you keep tabs through our customizable application.

Where Should I Start My Focus?

Always a big question, where to start. We always focus on these three things first. Customer, the product and services being offered but most importantly inward focus because if your team knows they are cared for they will give 110%. Leave a comment or like if you agree and share your thoughts! We all learn and grow together.
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