– Talent Is Key To School Turnarounds – Talent Is Key To School Turnarounds

Turning around low performing schools and their districts is not yet an exact science, but specific factors continue to play an essential role in successful school turnarounds. In the recent article, “Talent is key to school turnarounds,” the University of Delaware (UD) explains how critical talent management is to the school turnaround process. “New research has demonstrated that the key to implementing successful reform in low-performing schools is hiring and retaining effective principals and teachers,” observes UD.

Innovate Solutions to Continuous School Improvement

Performance Scoring’s Web-Based School Performance Management System is an innovative solution to continuous school improvement, and will be exhibited at TCEA 2020. Test scores, walkthroughs and observations don’t paint the full picture, but Performance Scoring brings a new element to holistic assessment and understanding.

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