The Top 4 Must-Have Remote Learning Solutions | Performance Scoring

Apr 16, 2020 | News

Online Solutions Every Teacher Needs in 2020 for Remote Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has the world dramatically changing, and in turn, educators are having to adapt in order to meet the needs of the current climate. This means not only increased utilization of existing tools, but also turning to new online solutions to ensure that learning is as effective as it can be in virtual classrooms. During this ongoing crisis, continuous performance management is critical as educators are pivoting to new processes and strategies. There are 5 main classifications of remote learning solutions that are must-haves for educators to maximize student success with online learning. Performance Scoring provides real-time, authentic data to district and school leaders about the remote solutions and processes that are working, and those where course correction is needed.
1.Classroom Management Software
These solutions serve educators as the foundation of a virtual classroom and are the (virtual) place to go for uploading lessons and assignments, taking attendance, and communicating with students and parents. This is where the expectations of remote learning are defined by teachers, and clearly conveyed to students and parents. Given the daily role that classroom management solutions play in remote learning, it is critical to understand performance from start to finish. Performance Scoring generates authentic data on the hidden factors affecting success in the classroom, even when the classrooms are virtual. Teachers have flexibility in their setup and utilization of classroom management tools, so continuous feedback with Performance Scoring provides key insights to district and school leaders about what’s working and what isn’t across every virtual classroom.
2. Video & Web Conferencing Platforms
These resources allow educators to still have face time with students, parents, and other staff even during this period of social distancing and remote learning. Performance with these solutions is all about timeliness, presence and participation – all of which are translated as factors in Performance Scoring. Data trends reveal a direct correlation between the frequency of video conferencing, student attendance and assignment completion. Performance Scoring also brings another element to the table, holding video conference providers accountable for the service they are providing. The first 15 minutes of video or web conferences cannot be spent getting everyone connected and on the same page, this is a scheduling nightmare! Generating continuous performance data of video and web conferences provides a comprehensive understanding of the factors affecting success.
3. Classroom Communication Tools
By definition, classroom communication tools help educators inform parents about what’s happening at the school and in the classroom. This objective may seem redundant, because there are already many other options to communicate, but having a consistent classroom communication tool has been proven effective. As we mentioned with video & web conferencing, there is a direct correlation between effective communication and increased student attendance and assignment completion. Performance Scoring’s Education Edition is a great classroom communication tool, because it automates a lot of the communication that educators enter manually, and in multiple places. Real-time, automated communication to parents is essential to driving student engagement at home during remote learning, but also when classes return to school. Understanding how to maximize the return of classroom communication removes a burden for teachers, and Performance Scoring provides that insight while saving time – a win, win!
4. Online Test Prep/ E-Learning Resources
These solutions offer online lesson plans, curriculum and assignments to ensure that student learning is maximized while at home. With K-12 education fully online for much of the country, online lesson and assignment use is at an all time high, but how do we know what is effective and what isn’t? One proven way is to capture student feedback on e-learning, much like an exit ticket in the classroom. With Performance Scoring, students can provide their feedback in seconds and provide teachers with key insights that are lost during remote learning. E-learning resources that have been vetted by teachers and proven effective by exit tickets should be shared with school administrators and other educators, and with Performance Scoring this communication is automated. These resources are essential during remote learning, and identifying effective online test prep and e-learning resources can be useful for years to come.