CMSWire – Digital Employee Experience Is Critical to Business Success

Oct 10, 2019 | News

PS Reviews: Shankar Iyer’s Article on the Employee Experience and Business Success

In the recent CMSWire article, “Digital Employee Experience Is Critical to Business Success,” Shankar Iyer discusses the correlation between the employee experience and business success. Make no bones about it, understanding (& improving) the employee experience leads to better productivity and therefore greater business successes. This is a reason why so many forward-thinking companies have prioritized effective performance management over the past decade, and it all starts as a much-needed culture shift. “Companies are increasingly prioritizing digital employee experience to help facilitate this culture shift,” observes Iyer. Performance Scoring is empowering organizations to shift their culture and prioritize improving the employee experience through continuous feedback and development that is data driven. “Digital employee experience is linked to key business outcomes,” Iyer writes. But how is this be measured and proven? For many organizations they would turn to financial data, and rightfully so, but Performance Scoring’s reporting features bring new data that leads to greater successes throughout an organization. The employee experience never stops, so in order to understand (and improve) it feedback has to be continuous. Performance Scoring isn’t just a system for continuous feedback, it is efficient (all data entry done in seconds) and valuable (all data is objective and the system only measures what matters).
Retention and the Employee Experience
The correlation between the employee experience and business outcomes leads to ancillary benefits in talent management. When the employee experience is improved the business success improves, and in a successful environment employee retention will increase as well. “In a tight talent market, employee experience matters,” establishes Iyer. Performance management systems, like Performance Scoring, give organizations the tools they need to improve the employee experience, increase business success and increase employee retention. “In order to attract and retain the best talent,” Iyer explain, culture must allow “employees to work in the manner that suits their individual workstyles.” Performance Scoring’s reporting features take employee recognition data and use it to direct managers where engagement and coaching is needed. When this happens the professional relationships that develop provide the insight that organizations need to retain their top talent. “Providing a great digital employee experience is not just nice-to-have, it is critical to business success,” Iyer concludes. Understanding and improving the employee experience leads to a cascade of successes that make it not only critical to businesses now, but also secure success in the future. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, so get started today!